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High-End HiFi-Stereo-Systems, CD-Internet-Receiver
Turntable, Loudspeaker und Audiocable for everybody!


At our shop you can find besides our
Minisystem MHF-700 and the Compactsystem CVR-100
also HiFi-Stereo Components as Amplifiers, Preamps
und Poweramps, Turntables, Internetradios and DAB+ Tuner,
DA-Converters, Speakers und High-End-Audiocables
for building up your own High-End-Stereosystem.

For all HiFi-Stereodevices you will find detailed information
and all of our current testresults,
for e.g. the test Stereosystem APCR-100.

Audiophiles for everybody - Both our philosophy and our conception!

Design, Engineering, Production and Distribution, all that comes from one source.
Not only do we offer only the very best of High Quality innovative and aesthetically ambitious entertainment technology at a very competitive price, but also satisfy even the most ambitioned listening habits!

All of our products are of course available in this online shop!
We hope you enjoy browsing and shopping on our site!

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