PS-10 Turntable with USB(
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Records are dead, long live the record. Listen and digitize old treasures with the new PS-10!
  • High gloss finish in black and white

  • USB integrated

  • Preamplifier on board

  • Automatic shut down

Sophisticated technology
for acoustic enjoyment

The PS-10 is powered by an internal belt. This drive technology effectively prevents the transmission of low-frequency vibrations from the motor to the needle and thus guarantees a clean sound in the low bass.

The housing of the audio block PS-10 consists of a stiff and low-resonance MDF chassis, which rests on feet made of special polymers and is thus decoupled from environmental influences.

The gimbal-mounted straight aluminum tonearm features a manual lift and integrated anti-skating damping, which can be adjusted at the tonearm base. The embryo of the arm via a counterweight with adjustment scale.

PS-10 Plattenspieler

in noble piano lacquer!

Black and white
just looks good!

The smallest record player from the Block family is currently available in black and white.

The finish consists of a high-gloss piano lacquer, which gives the device a particularly noble look.

To protect against dust and scratches, the PS-10 is equipped with a Plexiglas hood, which is attached with damped hinges on the back of the chassis.

PS-10 Plattenspieler

What experts say about the PS-10 (German):

HiFi-Test: Spitzenklasse | Hervorragend | Note: 1,2
Praxistipp 03/2019 HiFi-Test Spitzenklasse | Hervorragend | Note: 1,2

"Mit dem neuen PS-10 von Audioblock macht es richtig viel Spaß, die Plattensammlung wieder zu reaktivieren. Der unkomplizierte und robust aufgebaute Plattenspieler sieht dazu chic aus und sorgt dank Sensortastenbedienung für viel Komfort. Auch ist seine Ausstattung mit eingebautem Phono-Preamp und Analog-Digital-Wandler überaus praktisch. Mit dem PS-10 bietet Audioblock ein echtes Universaltalent für analogen und digitalen Musikgenuss zu erfreulich günstigem Preis."

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in detail

Digitization made easy

The audio block PS-10 is equipped with a modern USB port.

You can connect the device to a computer and digitize your old (and new) darlings with the included software on CD-ROM and save them as a file on your computer or transfer them to other devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

The possible recording quality is in no way inferior to the current CD standard (48 kHz at 16bit).

PS-10 Plattenspieler

With USB

and integrated equalizer preamplifier!

Equalizer preamplifier
Just in case

Frequently lacking in modern amplifiers or receivers necessary for the operation of a turntable preamp so that either no turntable can be connected or an expensive accessory is needed.

With the PS-10 these problems are a thing of the past, because the device has a built-in preamp, which you can either switch on or off, depending on the equipment of your amplifier.

PS-10 Plattenspieler

Upgrade system
Superior sound

If the basic equipment of your new PS-10 is not enough for you, we have a special offer as a service of the Audioblock online shop for you:

Upon request, we assemble a high-quality upgrade system from the Ortofon range for you and arrange it professionally.

Please choose your desired system. If you prefer another system, call us and we will make you an individual offer!

PS-10 Plattenspieler

Question on item


  • Speed: 33.33 | 45 RPM
  • Speed adjustment: fully automatic
  • Flutter: ± 0,1 %
  • Power consumption: 8 Watt
  • Signal to noise ratio: > 60 db
  • External power supply input: AC 110 - 240 V at 50 - 60 Hz
  • External power supply output: DC 9 V at 1 A
  • System: Audio Technica AT-3600
  • Dimensions W | H | D: 430 x 130 x 370 mm
  • Weight (kg): 6,7
  • Features: felt mat, RCA cable with groand, tonearm, belt, tone arm counter weight, anti-skating weight, spacer for singles (45 RPM), external motor, cotton gloves


PS-10 Plattenspieler
PS-10 Turntable with USB(
499,00 €
499,00 €
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