For some back in fashion, for the others it never has been away. For us, above all, the possibility to prove our engineering skills. We understand this HiFi device as a precision tool for audiophile music users.

HiFi-Test: Spitzenklasse | Sehr gut | Note 1,2

Your most beautiful
piece of furniture.

Our design has never been so effective. The glossy, deep black chassis emphasizes the white acrylic glass turntable and adapts perfectly to any environment through this timeless appearance, without exaggerating.

Ultimate technology.
For every record.

In the PS-100+, we have used only the best components and materials to ensure perfect sound without any noise. At the same time, the sound remains costumizable to a incredible high degree. Click + to find out more.

On request, we can assemble an Ortofon pickup system 2M Black or Bronze for you.

+ Freestanding engine + Fine adjustment + Turntable of acrylic glass + Minimized contact + Magnetic holder

If desired, we can install the Ortofon 2M Black or Bronze and measure it for you.

  • Ortofon Bronze
  • Ortofon Black

Picked up.

The PS100+ is equipped with a pickup arm ProJect and Block specially developed in cooperation for this chassis. Only 11.5 g, cranked 9.5 '', including 65 g counterweight.

Special feature: The pickup arm is magnetically held in its rest position.

The Ortofon OM 5E system is pre-installed and set up.

What profess­ionals say about the PS-100+:

HiFi-Test: Spitzenklasse | Sehr gut | Note 1,2 HiFi-Test Spitzenklasse | Sehr gut | Note: 1,1

"Mit dem Block PS-100 lassen sich Schallplatten perfekt ins richtige Licht rücken - optisch und klanglich gleichermaßen. Mit einem Materialeinsatz, den man sonst nur bei deutlich kostspieligeren Laufwerken findet, und einer Reihe technischer Raffinessen setzt der PS-100 ein echtes Statement."

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LP 05/2013 New Kit from the Block

"Die + Evolution des Audio Block PS-100 ist ein echter Treffer: Aus einem elegant aufgebauten Laufwerk wird mit den bewährten Komponenten aus europäischer Großserienfertigung ein richtig guter Plattenspieler, der zu diesem Preis ein Einstieg nach Maß ist."

Jetzt ganzen Testbericht lesen

2 years of full warranty

If you order the PS-100+ via the online shop, you have a full two-year warranty on your device.

Thomas Eisenmann, Berlin

Habe mir den PS-100+ selbst zum Geburtstag gegönnt und bin immernoch begeistert. Das Gerät lässt weder optisch noch funktional zu wünschen übrig.

Reinhardt Wacht, Itzehoe

Ein sehr guter Plattenspieler, läuft Geräuschfrei und sieht klasse aus. Ich habe die Version mit dem Ortofon Bronze.


  • Speed: 33.33 | 45 RPM
  • Speed adjustment: fully automatic
  • Flutter: ± 0,1 %
  • Power consumption: 5,5 Watt
  • Effective tonearm mass: 11,5 g
  • Signal to noise ratio: > 65 db
  • Effective tone arm length: 236,2 mm
  • External power supply input: AC 100 - 240 V at 50 - 60 Hz
  • External power supply output: DC 18 V at 1,33 A
  • System: Audio Technica AT 95 E or Ortofon 2M Bronze
  • Dimensions W | H | D: 450 x 190 x 375 mm (with motor)
  • Weight (kg): 12,5
  • Features: felt mat, RCA cable with groand, tonearm, belt, tone arm counter weight, anti-skating weight, spacer for singles (45 RPM), external motor, cotton gloves


Included in the delivery are a high-quality RCA connection cable with grounding, a felt mat (Slipmat), 45 UPM puck, a tool to readjust the tonearm in height and a pair of cotton gloves for a gentler setup!



The high-quality RCA cables made of oxygen-free copper guarantee a lossless signal transport. For protection against inductive signal interference, the positive and negative contacts are each double-wired and braided. An additional earth cable effectively prevents the occurrence of hum.

PS-100+ Turntable

  •  9,5'' pickup arm
  •  Chassis with 2-stage damping
  •  Turntable made out of acrylic glass
  •  Solid aluminum feet with spikes
  •  Freestanding engine
  •  Magnetic pickup arm holder

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