XB-100 & XS-100 Soundbar & Subwoofer(
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The home cinema combination for the highest standards, which is in no way inferior to a normal stereo!
  • Network up to 5 devices

  • Triple Tuner Internet | DAB+ | UKW

  • Streaming Spotify | NAS | Server

  • Home cinema with best sound


We have combined our know-how in speaker construction with our usual high functionality and tasted the whole thing with a "pinch" TV compatibility.

Served in an extremely flat, yet subtly elegant case and "Voilá": There you are, the TV soundbar BLOCK XB-100!

With the associated subwoofer XS-100 is no Heimkinofan too short!

And best of all, this combination also plays radio and streams your favorite stations from the Internet, home network or from Spotify, completely replacing a classic hi-fi system.


XB-100 TV-Soundbar | XS-100 Subwoofer

The TV-Soundbar

The XB-100 has the ingenious block triple radio, so Internetradio, DAB+ and FM.

Like most of our devices, the XB-100 also has the BLOCK "Multiroom" function.

Easily connect your soundbar to other block multiroom devices, such as our SB-50/100/200 network speakers or BLOCK ABC series devices.

Of course, you can also stream Spotify on the XS-100 or play media content from your home network.

It is easy to operate using the illuminated buttons behind the cloth front, the remote control or the free "Undok" app. All basic functions are indicated by a white dot matrix display on the device.
XB-100 TV-Soundbar | XS-100 Subwoofer
Cinema sound for your home!

The soundbar XB-100 in detail

The Subwoofer

Experience the true low bass for maximum cinema and hi-fi effects!

No matter whether chase, jet fighter flight or even the classic kettle-tingling in the orchestra, with the XS-100 subwoofer television or listening to music becomes an impressive experience.

The frequency transition to the XB-100 is perfectly tuned and the slider on the back lets you easily tune the amount of bass in the overall volume to your individual listening needs.

So the subwoofer is always adjusted even at very low or very high volumes and never becomes too dominant.

XB-100 TV-Soundbar | XS-100 Subwoofer
Deep bass for maximum effects!

The subwoofer XS-100 in detail

The BLOCK Multiroom-System

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  • Output (RMS @ 4 Ohm): XB-100: 2x 20 Watt | XS-100: 1 x 50 Watt
  • Analogue Inputs: XB-100: 3,5mm AUX IN | XS-100: Stereo RCA IN
  • Speaker: XB-100: 4x Fullrange 53mm, 2 x Tweeter 52mm | XS-100: 1 x 5,25 Zoll
  • Digital inputs: XB-100: 1x USB, 1x Optical, 1x Coaxial
  • THD: XB-100: <0,03% (@1 Watt) | XS-100: <0,04% (@1 Watt)
  • Signal to noise ratio: XB-100: >77 dB | XS-100: >80 dB
  • Frequency range: XB-100: 80 Hz - 20 KHz @-3dB | XS-100: 20 Hz - 150 Hz @-3dB
  • Tone control: XB-100: Bass | Treble ± 14 dB
  • Frequency range FM: 87,5 - 108 MHz
  • Frequency range DAB+: 174.928 MHz - 239.200 MHz
  • Internetradio: more than 30.000 stations worldwide
  • Station presets: 10 for each FM | DAB+ | Internetradio
  • File formats: AAC, AAC+, MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC
  • Streaming: Bluetooth | DLNA | UPnP with "UNDOK" APP
  • Streaming-Platforms: Spotify® Connect-Ready
  • Network: LAN (Ethernet) and WiFi 2,4 & 5 GHz, Bluetooth
  • Power consumption "Off": < 0,01 Watt
  • Power consumption "Standby": XB-100: < 4,4 Watt | XS-100: < 2,1 Watt
  • Power consumption "Operating": XB-100: max. 48 Watt | XS-100: max. 80 Watt
  • Power supply with power switch: XB-100: AC zu DC 16 V / 3 A | XS-100: AC 230 V 50Hz
  • Dimensions W | H | D: XB-100: 900 x 83,7 x 92,2 mm | XS-100: 195 x 373 x 260 mm
  • Weight (kg): XB-100: 2,5 kg | XS-100: 6 kg
  • Network-Function: Up to 5 devices
  • Features: Operating the device with illuminated keys, White Do-Matrix-Display


XB-100 TV-Soundbar | XS-100 Subwoofer
XB-100 & XS-100 Soundbar & Subwoofer(
1.266,25 €
1.266,25 €
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